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Facebook to redesign events page

Revamping of events page will assist the 900 million users of Facebook to organize events, make plans and see birthdays of friends
 Facebook to redesign events page

Social networking service and website Facebook has announced a Facebook revamp of its events page as the users can then see the forthcoming events like birthdays and parties in advance.

Bob Baldwin , Facebook Software Engineer had stated in a blog post that Facebook is introducing its redesigned events page, which comes with new calendar view and organized functional list views.

It will also highlight the forthcoming events which the users can plan in advance. He said, “We announce a new list and calendar view that makes it simple to scan the upcoming birthdays, invites and also suggest events. Scroll through these events and also respond to the invites without leaving the page.”  

Mr. Baldwin also said, “Suggested events are recommended to you based on your friends, pages you like, places you have checked and the apps you use on Facebook.”

The new format for Facebook events comes along the lines of Google launching new features for its social networking service Google Plus.Google has also unveiled its new events page last month which also includes scheduling, RSVP status, and photo sharing.

Redesigning of Facebook events was done as part of a hackathon project by the engineers of the company in order to improve the functionality of the social network’s events.

The revamping of the events page will also help more than 900 million users of Facebook around the world to organize their events, make plans and also see the birthdays of friends.

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking service and website having more than 900 million users as of May 2012. It provides a place for social connection through sharing photos, videos, and text updates. The users can create personal profiles and also establish relationships with other companies and people.

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