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Top 10 Finance Portals in India

If you are heavily into Indian finance, then make sure to check out these fabulous portals dedicated to the subject which offer abundant information

1. This portal is by far the best one as of today. With content that’s syndicated from Network 18 group, the website is packed with company reports, market trends and informative bits on wealth, commodities, loans, tax and a lot more. A must-visit.  

2. The homepage of the website may appear extremely cluttered but on deeper inspection, it becomes clear that Myiris is well endowed with lots of valuable tidbits. The quality of research is really credible and can guarantee user loyalty.

3. This is another portal that is full to the brim with quality content. It is basically a demat account company; it has nothing much to offer product-wise but since it has become more of a portal; the focus is now on enriching the site with more content.

4. Fairly new on the block but nevertheless not low on value. Find updates and informative pieces on all kinds of loans backed with everything’s that happening in the financial landscape of the country, where to invest, banks, the works.

5. When it comes to stocks and latest updates, Rediff has its share of regulars who egg them on to do the great job they’re already at. It’s a great personal finance tool; capture all you need to know about stocks and everything related to it. Fun tips included!

6. From the oil and gas industry to personal finance, NDTV Profit has got everything covered. The portal is regularly updated by the editorial team with solid expertise in the finance sector. Find videos, alerts, profit boards and research insight with lots more.

7.       ValueNotes: Will guide you to become better money managers. The site is laden with details on markets outlook, currency details, buzzing stocks and personal finance. I liked the ‘Classroom’ section where even beginners with zero or little knowledge on financial markets can study, review and benefit. It pieces together what experts view on specific topics and can be a good platform for regular reference.

8. As the name suggests, the website is dedicated in imparting details on everything related in the world of insurance. Readers will get helpful points on health, travel, home, motor and life insurance here.

9. Formerly known as, the site hardly had much content to boot. But in time, they went through a good revamp and called it ApnaPaisa. Now, Apnapaisa sports an impressive amount of information on money, loans, credit insurance and investment. Located in Mumbai, they can even address your money concerns by connecting you with the right company.

10. If in case you are a veteran in the field of finance, then this is the place for you. Like several others, they too have revamped their offerings and now present an array of things related to mutual fund and the financial analyst community.

By Nargis Namazi

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