UK services growth slows sharply, says industry survey

PMI survey says the UK service sector growth has plunged sharply in August, Markit/Cips services purchasing managers' index drops 51.1 in the month
US economy bullish

US markets mark awesome profits

After facing a downturn last week, US stocks made a solid start on the first day of the new week.
Facebook is rich by 1.5 million

Facebook is rich by 1.5 million

The social media giant has claimed Friday that it has raised $1.5 million from investors Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies. The valuation of the company had risen to approximately $50 billion after the investment deal.
UK shopkeeper clearing his shop premises

UK Retail sales turn cold as heavy snowfall hits the retail volumes

Calculate your prime assets to know your financial standing]

Why is it important to calculate your net worth?

Assessing and calculating your networth is crucial to know your exact financial status. Your networth is nothing but a grand total of all your assets subtracting your liabilities. Just spare 10-20 minutes to clear the calculation and you will know the road ahead. Here are the steps you should take. Listing
Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt has decided to step down

Google stocks turned hot despite Schmidt's exit

US stocks closed lower Thursday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 2.5 points to 11823, the Standard & Poor's 500 slipped 1.7 points to 1280 and the Nasdaq Composite declined 21 points to 2704.
Apple's hottest products: iPad and iPhone

Apple hits the cord again, posts sales of $27 billion for the quarter

This is the best quarter for tech giant Apple. Apple has reported revenue of $26.7 billion for the quarter, which was mainly driven by Apple’s two happening products – iPad and iPhone, sales of which fetched a profit of $6 billion to Apple, creating a new record for the company.
Why Goldman Sachs is limiting Facebook offering?

Why Goldman Sachs is limiting Facebook offering?

New York-based investment banking and securities giant Goldman Sachs brought Facebook private share offering to a standstill for the investors outside the US concerning that ‘intense media coverage’ on the deal would lead to regulatory infringement.
Demand for yellow metal dips in India

Gold loses its shine on weakening demand in India

This is rare scene when it comes to the Indian markets. Both the precious metals gold and silver have dipped on the stock indices of India while taking cues from the volatile global markets and weakening demand.
Federal Reserve's Beige Book

US economy to make ‘moderate' gains in 2011, says Fed

No labor market is 100% efficient.

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