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Investing in precious 'gems'

Gemstones have become hot investment option as they carry an added aura of mystique
 Investing in precious ‘gems’

Since a long time, gemstones have been considered as valuable investments. They have been appreciated for their beauty, valued for their rarity and admired for their metaphysical powers. The gemstones can be extremely valuable as they carry an additional aura of mystique and have become a hot investment option. They are also unique items because of everything that they have to offer.

Let’s follow some quick fix tips that will guide in your investment in gemstones.

Set up a business

Set up a business to buy and sell gems. You will require a wholesale license, called a sales tax license or sales privilege license. Having the sales tax license or sales privilege license will give you access to the primary dealers, wholesalers and secondary dealers.  If you do not have the license then you will have to pay sales tax to your state on the purchase of gems.

Research gemology

To gain knowledge about gems, research gemology. You need to recognize the valuable gemstones like sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These gemstones are priced by characteristics and increase in value if they possess a combination of the most sought after characteristics.

Look for trustworthy dealers

Look for reputable dealers and avoid scam artists who try to sell you premium investment grade gemstones as these don’t really exist. Find a person who is reputable and who will be honest and upfront and give you the best prices for your needs of investment.


The most important element of your investment is certification. You need to make sure that you purchase certified stones that are not collected illegally or that meet standards of national and global companies.

Invest in popular gems

 Invest in good gems as they will be easier for you to sell later. If the gem which is not popular and if you find a great deal on it, you will want to make an investment in all ways and means.

Buy gems in lots then single stones

Try buying gems in lots then as single stones. When you look at lots, pay attention to the best and the worst stones in the lot. It’s best to get the large number of good stones with 2 great ones, then a large amount of bad stones with three great ones.

Do your home work

Always do your homework as you need to know how to identify stones, distinguish between synthetic and natural gems and also judge their quality.

Keep the gems protected

 Keep the gems safe in a bank safety deposit box rather than at home. Gems are transportable. Wearing the gems shows people that you own them and this may present opportunities of being robbed. So, keep them safe in a locker or somewhere else.

Gemstones are a long-term investment rather than a buy today and sell tomorrow investment. Unless, you are an expert certified gemologist experienced with valuing gemstones, it’s easy to get off when ripped when buying from anyone other than a known dealer.

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